• Temporary Staffing & Payroll Management

    This service is an ideal alternative for companies that cannot hire additional personnel, but require more staff.

    This is a quick and efficient solution for:

    • Test Periods
    • Production peaks or extraordinary work loads
    • Disability or vacation
    • Promotional Campaigns
    • Outsourcing

    We hire the people you need and provide the corresponding follow up.

  • Personnel Selection & Headhunting

    We provide headhunting services to identify the right person required for that critical position in your company.

    With our detailed local and global database on high level executives, we help provide a successful search, recruitment and selection process.

    We have a human resource management specialist group and employ strict processes that help ensure that the right candidate is selected for the right position, by using the following steps:


    • Competence based Profile Definition
    • Recruitment
    • Selection
    • Psycho-technical Testing Application
    • Reference Verification
    • Topic and Report Submittals
    • Follow Up

  • Human Resource Consultancy

    In this fast-paced world, businesses expect and require a high level of productivity from their workers, this is only achieved by properly managing talent that sees each worker as a unique and different human being.


    • Assessment Center

    Group activities that simulate a work environment which allows identifying how a worker may behave under certain circumstances and assesses if such worker has the necessary skills and competence to successfully develop the roles for which they will be hired.


    • Outplacement

    DO provides assistance, support, training and orientation for terminated personnel so that they can be more competitive when seeking new employment. 


    • Payroll

    DO processes corporate payrolls accurately and on time, all encompassed within a framework of absolute confidentiality and judicial and administrative security.

    We employ specialized software and experience to calculate all types of payroll and incidences, by fully adhering to labor, legal and fiscal procedures.


    We offer the following services in order to maximize the human potential of your company:

    • Staff Potential Assessment
    • Leadership Development and Collaborator Loyalty.
    • Social-Economic Studies